Even before completing to run around the square, my clothes, socks and shoes are soaked with rain and sweat. It is rainy and humid. Welcome to New York City. As early as 8am in an uneventful day in mid- September, the temperature rises to the low 90's (34c) and 93% humidity, with heavy tropical rain. I am running in a Turkish bath.


I am reminded of the claim by President Trump and his supporters that there is no climate change, that we do not ruin our own planet. What a joke.


And I allow myself to complain about the summer in Tel Aviv, when I forced myself daily to get up and get out early and run between 5 (8k) to 7 (11k) miles along the small and unassuming Yarkon river and the Mediterranean promenade.


Nevertheless a stubborn and jogging obsessed (almost) 68 year olds do not change their habits.Even with meniscus tears in both knees. This is the last you’ll hear about my pain and illnesses. A runner’s pain is the result of the running they are addicted to.


Mine is the result of a quarter of a century of long distance running in marathons, ultras and triathlons including several ironman.

I will just add as a final comment to close this medical report that I also suffer from some lower back problems.

But my doctors, some of them runners, didn't discourage me from perusing my passion. Had they done so, they most probably would have betrayed their Hippocratic Oath or commitment to running or both. 


This is the first post of my blog, which I just launched. In a way, it is a sequel to my book which was unfortunately published only in Hebrew, about my running adventures in Israel.

If it had been translated into English the title would have been "Running, an Autobiography".

It tells my life story through the prism of a quarter century of my runnings.


This blog is mostly devoted to my New York running experience as well as my professional world, which is writing about intelligence, security and military matters in the Middle East and elsewhere.


For many people New York and running are associated with Central Park. I have discovered that New York has so much more to offer to runners. In this blog I will try to explore and share with you the pleasure of running in the urban landscape of NYC.


Running along the Hudson and East Rivers, in the streets and squares, elbowing my way through the crowds, enjoying the run, and raising my eyes from the asphalt and pavements, to look at the cityscape, buildings and people is a joyful experience. You don't have to be a slow runner like me to absorb all of it.







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